Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

2008 is frakin kicking my ass all over the map. So back to the future, circa 1987. Me, Bob and Mike, fully strapped, before hitting the town in Perth, Australia.

Update: Bob and Mike both have wives, kids and homes, I, on the other hand have the internets. LOL!

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I just got back into town from San Diego. My friend, formerly from Edmonds, married a beautiful and seemingly rational woman on Saturday surrounded by caring family and adoring friends. I was honored to add my voice to the chorus of what turned out to be a very affirming celebration of two becoming one, (rock star for a day).

Leading up to the ceremony I was able to walk one of my favorite beaches with two dear people I had walked with there 23 years earlier. The air was sweet to breath and the afternoon sun felt warm and familiar. I rolled around La Jolla with a car full of guys looking for the perfect section of sand, an activity that I happily if somewhat hazily recollect from days gone past. Also, I was one of many in a group, racing carts, joking around and reviewing the finer points of “race mode” on one gentleman's new Ferrari F430 in a remote parking lot, during which my friend from Shoreline was able to co-pilot the car to put the theory to a test. Its so cool watching a father of two grin like a little kid after going 0 to 135+ in two blocks.

In light of recent days, I really needed this. Thanks Will and Kendal may you always have best.


“A nothing is quite simply a nothing, just as a nipple is a nipple. ”

~ Oscar Wilde on nothing

A Riddle about Nothing

It is more powerful than God, but more evil than the Devil.
It is bigger than the universe, but it has less matter than the smallest particle.
The poor have it, but the rich need it.
The dead eat it always, but the living that eats it dies.
It is the only thing smaller than your penis.

Technical problems of Nothing

Nothing is the absence of existence. However, since there is an article ABOUT nothing, then obviously there has to be SOMETHING, right? And then there's the name. Nothing has a name. That name is void. Therefore nothing has a name and therefore since there is nothing in nothing nothing has to be a concept. But that means it IS something, but nothing is nothing, it's void, it's empty, there IS NOTHING in it. But there is something there, there is a void. THERE IS A VOID. The void IS THERE. Right THERE in front of you, THERE IS A VOID. IT IS THERE. IT EXISTS! Alright, screw it. I've had enough.....


Found on http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Nothing
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Let the meme roll

take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

Waiting to exhale, then breathe again.

November Rain

November rain washed away my guilt
November rain washed away my pain
November rain - so tired I felt
November rain was not just any rain

Long I longed with deep torment
For so long my body waited
November rain, , , , Oh, sweet friend
November rain- slowly I faded.

November rain- I cried within
Steady and slowly, it kept on pouring
November rain, watered my skin
And deep inside, I heard my roaring.

November rain, it refused to quit
November rain kept on pouring
And alone outside, in the streets I wept-
dripping... dripping and falling.

Amy Phillip
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From Vienna

You Are 60% Goth

You definitely have some gothicness going on, but you're far from being a stereotypical goth.

You enjoy certain elements of goth culture, but you're not going to be into something simply because it's goth.

It's likely that you're the type of person who totally defies labels. Good for you!

If you are into something, it's because you sincerely love it. Not because it projects a certain image.